We were lucky to have seven excellent financial technologies ventures in the innaugural cohort of the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator this year. Hailing from every corner of the FinTech space, the teams grew and iterated constantly the four-month programme. Read about them below, and keep an eye out here for our 2018 teams in the new year!

Team Liberac


Remmitance to the Pacific Islands

Liberac is using blockchain technology to reduce costs of money transfers, passing on these savings to a community of users Liberac considers family.

Liberac is providing a secure service that ensures customers receive the best currency exchange rates and the lowest fees possible. As well as an experience that is unmatched in the money transfer space.

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Team Flatfish


Rent happy

Tapi is turning the painful process of solving maintenance issues into simple, actionable steps for tenants, landlords and property managers. The online platform is giving all parties an overview, keeping them up-to-date with the progress and notifying the right person at the right time if their attention is needed.

Tapi saves landlords and property managers time and money, while improving the experience for tenants.

Team Wicket


Life and living insurance

Through intensive customer research, Wicket has uncovered a gap in the market of Life and Living insurance; Millenials are not aware of the risks to their lifestyles, nor the products that can mitigate them.

Life and Living insurance propositions are outdated, and need a serious revamp if insurers want to meet the needs of the world's largest new market.

Team Teddy


Building the future of business insurance

Teddy combines deep business insurance expertise with state of the art technology underpinned by data, expert systems and artificial intelligence to provide good quality advice and insurance cover for businesses. Teddy puts your business at the forefront and takes a holistic approach with risk identification, product selection and provides a tailor-made solution specific to each type of business, with a huge emphasis on user experience. Teddy aims to fulfil all sales fully online.

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Team AccountingPod


Real financial experience

AccountingPod uses real business data to create a financial simulator for business learning.

Using the latest cloud business tools, like Xero and machine learning to turn data into content, AccountingPod provides event driven, experiential and practical learning for student and business success.

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Team National Account Registry

National Account Registry

World class open banking infrastructure in New Zealand

Open Banking is an international trend.

Overseas it’s governments and regulators who are creating this environment. The projects are often big, slow and expensive.

In NZ we can do things differently - this project proves we can build focused solutions quickly and cheaply which would allow us to leapfrog our international competitors rather than being left behind.

Team Sharesies


Love investing

Sharesies makes investing easy (and maybe even a little addictive). Providing an accessible platform that removes the barriers that stand in the way of most people investing today.

People sign up to invest regularly into Sharesies, then choose from a range of funds to invest in (without the minimum buy-in that most funds need to get started). Customers can then track and manage their investments all online.

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