KFA Team

Week 10: Marketing, Pitching, and the Ups and Downs

Rollercoaster Board

Since the start of bootcamp, oh so long ago, we have been tracking our progress through the ups-and-downs of this crazy accelerator. Each team places a business card or image on a vertical line to represent how they believe their week has gone, both professionally and emotionally. As you can see from the image above, it has been quite a rollercoaster but thankfully our teams have had more good weeks than bad throughout the programme. With 3 weeks remaining, we hope that the good vibes continue and we see more and more business cards towards to the top of the chart!

Pitch Practice: What do I do with my hands

We have reached that point in the accelerator when pitch practice is in full effect. The teams are writing their full-length pitches and practicing (formally) 2–3 times a week. This allows the teams to gain confidence in their public speaking and really nail down the points they want to convey at the ever-looming demo day. Pitches are performed to the KFA support staff as well as a member or two from another team, giving both feedback on both the speaking portion but also the slides. This will only ramp up as demo day comes closer and we can’t wait to see these pitches develop into masterpieces!

Marketing 101

Our amazing teams have created some truly innovative FinTech revolutions, and it’s about time they start sharing them with the world. But where to start? Some of our teams got a much needed crash course in marketing from the one and only Kelly Dare, CHQ’s Head of Marketing. The teams already understand their potential customers, from the problem discovery sprint, now it’s time to use those insights to make the really hard decisions - formulating their marketing strategy. Starting with segment targeting, these are targeted attitudes and behaviours… and sorry to break the news, but ‘millennials’ are not a segment. Also, Kelly advised the teams that the core of any strategic marketing decisions should follow one principle;  ”every part of your marketing strategy should be adding value to your customer’s life”, When strategy and objectives are set - then and only then, do teams think about channels to reach their potential customers.

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