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Week 9 the Employee Experience Growth Tactics and a Visit From Our Stakeholders

Sam Gadd: team culture

How do you build an amazing culture? Samantha Gadd from Humankind shared her insights for helping people love what they do, starting with creating extraordinary employee experiences (EX).

A key learning was adopting a one-size-fits-one mantra, steered with authentic and value-driven leadership. With authenticity-lead values and simply understanding each of your staff’s values, you can set the foundations to build an amazing culture. Only after those foundations are set, does the physical environment come into it. The environment is a little less ambiguous, you need to cultivate a space that offers collaboration, socialising, learning and a place to focus, then enable the space with the right tools and insights.  

These were just some of our favourite takeaways  from Sam’s discussion and we can’t wait to see our teams lead with value and grow their own amazing work cultures.

Danny Smith: growth tactics

Danny Smith visited the KFA this week to discuss growth tactics and strategy. He is a Business Strategy Advisor at Xero and previously worked for Deloitte and Icebreaker. Danny is an expert in future forecasts and financial planning. He urged to the teams to realise their biggest competition:

The status quo –possible consumers who don’t feel the problem quite enough to change something.

How do you get people to care about your product – and then care enough to pay for it? It all comes down to product market fit. Once that is achieved than strong fundamentals are key to helping your company grow. Danny stressed the importance of being realistic and knowing when to walk away from certain battles or markets. As KFA is a Lightning Lab programme, Danny highlighted Xero’s generously offer of 6-months free Xero subscriptions to the teams, before talking about a startup weekend in Auckland where they can further develop their products.

A Stakeholder Celebration

It was about time all the amazing organisations, who put their money and names on the line to help our teams succeed, met and got an update directly from the ventures. It was a great opportunity for our nine startups to pop in a pitch practice too (as Demo Day draws near). After a pitch, each team shared their accelerator journey so far, exactly what they have been working on, and all the victories and challenging lessons learned.

As our Programme Manager, James, said: “we get the ‘proud-programme-parent’ feelings hearing about all the hard work and progress the teams have made over the past two months.”

And both from the teams on the night and ‘us’ the programme, we’re grateful to all our stakeholders and excited to begin the countdown to the KFA 2.0 Demo Day!


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