KFA Team

Team Focus: Greenbase

Current payment rails tend to be costly, slow, outdated or locked away in banks. Financial innovators are desperate for a simple and powerful infrastructure. Greenbase is building just that; powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) to give innovators the foundation needed to unlock their full potential. 

So, what is Greenbase working on?

We aim to be the payments platform that all FinTechs build on; allowing them to make fast, easy payments that integrate seamlessly with their technology, allowing them to focus on their core proposition. 

Why is it important?

Current payment rails are either prohibitively expensive, or slow and dated. The new generation of financial services needs something innovative to allow new customer propositions to emerge.

What are you looking forward to during KFA?

​Getting some advice and coaching from the in-house team, and finding out what interesting stuff the other teams are up to.

What are you aiming for?

We aim to foster FinTech innovation by providing unbeatable infrastructure for FinTechs to build on.

Are you a Financial Technology Innovator?

Head to Greenbase.kiwi to discover how their seriously powerful APIs could help you.