KFA Team

Week Eight From Silicon Valley Stories to Anti Money Laundering and Reigning Victorious…

Victoria Ransom & Alain Chuard

From Rangitikei to Silicon Valley. Victoria Ransom is one of New Zealand’s international entrepreneurial superstars. Victoria launched social marketing SaaS company Wildfire Interactive in 2008 with her husband Alain Chuard. Within a year the company was profitable, with clients from 31 of the world’s top 50 companies, and a reputation as the top 10 place to work.
Victoria outlined their experience and some ways to build a great workplace, highlighting how critical your first few hires are. Both her and Alain agreed the number one priority should be having clear values, and those values should  dictate how you hire, fire and reward.

As they shared their story some tips came through:

  • think global from the start
  • pick your investors similarly to how you pick your employees
  • Timing is everything, but you can also be looking for a market that is about to grow

Victoria and Alain were a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge, and our ventures (and programme team) came out learning lots.

Lisa Kerr

This week, we were visited by Kiwibank’s Lisa Kerr to discuss anti-money laundering (AML). Lisa, Manager of AML and Sanctions, provided priceless information surrounding the AML obligations companies face. For our teams that are looking to become financial service providers (FSP), they must adhere to a strict set of guidelines to prevent them from possible criminal charges. Risk assessments must be filled out by potential FSPs so that banks can keep a closer eye on those companies they deem as more susceptible to financial crimes.

With the growing uncertainty around new technologies such as cryptocurrency, banks are especially aware of the potential for money laundering and are responding by making it more difficult to open an account without a proper risk assessment. Lisa is a fantastic resource for all things AML, if you are a FSP and are not sure if you comply with AML regulation, talk to a professional!

Clash of the Accelerators

This week marked the third annual inter-accelerator competition. Four teams battled in a series of games to take home bragging rights as the champions of Clash of the Accelerators. This year’s Greek-themed Clash drew the teams of:

  • the reigning champions the KFA cohort as Greeks
  • the CHQ team as ninjas
  • the ICT Grad School team as lions
  • the Incubator team as tigers.

After four intense rounds of competition, plus a Greek-themed quiz, one team stood taller than the rest… the KFA toga team!

Led by our fearless Kiwibankrep and leader, Peter Fletcher-Dobson, the KFA team was able to become the first back-to-back champions in Clash history! The night was a blast and a great opportunity for teams blow off steam and focus on something besides their startups.

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