KFA Team

Week 7: Lessons from a lawyer, an Insurance broker and an Actor

The Leo Experience

We entered the workshop and Leo immediately kicked us off with a big question…

What are 5 things you are afraid you won’t accomplish before you die?

We dove deep into discussions around this paradigm, and eventually came to the present: work and the startup life.

Leo somehow manifested this subject into a spontaneous performance by him and his acting troupe. They beautifully articulated the thought process of life when building a startup, with a innate focus on the manic decision-making processes.
We later found out, Leo Peters is developing a performance “A Slightly Isolated Dog” based on Creative HQ and the work that goes on in our shared work space.  
It was an enlightening experience being a part of the workshop, and particularly enjoyable to see a teaser trailer for A Slightly Isolated Dog.

Andrew Dentice

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by the one and only Andrew Dentice.

Andrew is a technology lawyer working for Hudson Gavin Martin and is a tech, media, and IP whiz. He spoke about the importance of legal advice in a changing fintech world where dealing with data can be a very tricky subject.
Who owns the data? And how does one commercialise it?
These are questions that fintech and innovation lawyers can help address properly. Andrew stressed that teams looking to hire legal advice should find a lawyer who is well versed in their industry, therefore, will be able to provide solid contractual agreements.

Andrew’s expertise on fintech legal matters helped the teams understand the value a lawyer brings to the table. Thank you Andrew for taking time out of your busy day to provide invaluable information!

Startup Insurance 101

Startup founders don’t realise it, but as a manager or director of a limited company, can still personally face legal actions, fines, or even prison!!!
There is, however, Directors and Officer’s liability insurance (D&O), the first policy any startup needs to look at, to protect you from personal loss. Claimants can come from almost anywhere; employees, creditors, shareholders, competitors, regulators and customers. So it’s worth covering your back with D&O.

The classic contents insurance is a must buy… theft, fires, or water damage, do we really need to explain this one? If you have a website… or store sensitive customer information, you should think about holding a tech Liability policy.
Last year, nearly half (43%) of all cyber attacks were on small businesses. Whether your website is hijacked or defaced, or your sensitive data and client information is stolen, this policy will cover you! Investors will often ask about Liability and D&O insurance as part of their due diligence process, so having it shows you take your responsibilities seriously.

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