KFA Team

Week 6: Feel the rhythm! get on up, its half way time!

Half-Way HOO-RAY???

The KFA has reached the halfway point and we can’t decide if this is a good thing or not. While it is sad that our amazing adventure is entering the second half, there is a lot to be celebrated! The teams have met some amazing people and undertaken and completed countless tasks. Individually, the teams are stronger than ever and have a great understanding of how to use each member for the utmost efficiency. As a cohort, our open space layout has led to growing sense of community as teams collaborate to help each other on a daily basis. We’ve come a long way since boot camp and we can’t wait to see how much further the teams will go!

Super Secret Social

At the Wellington Museum, the cohort walked in to find a circle of chairs, a pile of cased drums and, what can only be described as, Santa with dreadlocks. We had the pleasure of being led in a drum-circle by Julian Raphael who works with Community Music Junction. Julianen ejoys drumming so much that everyone was swept up by his infectious, positive attitude. We learned various rhythms, which some of us found more challenging than others, and, for a while, we were able to focus on something other than our startups and to-do lists. Big shout out to James Swope, our programme manager, for setting up such a great bonding experience!

The rise of the Social Enterprise

There is a rising tide of socially driven companies who put their commitment to their causes over financial value. Social Enterprises (or Socents) strive to deliver social or environmental impacts while using a business model that is self-sustaining and profitable.
Take Toms and Warby Parkers for example, leading social enterprises with their simple ‘buy-a-pair-give-a-pair’ product models, shaking up the consumer product market. What if a social enterprise structure could be implemented into something even bigger? Something we do every day? One of our teams Choice has a social enterprise structure and are fundamentally changing the way we… Discover what, in their KFA team focus piece.

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