KFA Team

Week 5: MOD's in Town, perfect UX and finding your gig

Mike “MOD” O’Donnell

This week the teams met Mike “MOD” O’Donnell, who shared his expertise and very honest thoughts on the roadmap to success. Mike is an absolute machine and works with a diverse array of companies such as, CCO of the mobile-workforce platform, vWork, and, a Director for Timely, Serato and Raygun.
Mike shared his roadmap to success, made up of four main points:

  1. a good idea

  2. the right timing

  3. the right people

  4. and, of course, execution.

Another key learning from MOD: focus on niche markets and to “love the problem” you’re solving in order to develop a product with “irresistible functionality”.

User experience essentials

Trent Mankelow, Chief Customer Officer of Trademe, didn’t just give the teams some great book recommendations, he also shared his exquisite knowledge of user experience, product development and leadership. He outlined the power of leadership and what he believed to be the four main traits in a successful leader:

Honesty Forward-looking Inspiring Competent

From a product management perspective, Trent stressed the ability to say no. Not every feature is necessary and, instead of focusing on adding new features, the most important thing is refining the main experience to increase your products purpose.

What’s your Gig

The Gig Economy is here and it’s growing fast. With professions from artists, to drivers, contractual builders to developers. This changing ‘workplace’ is partially due to the emergence of online marketplaces, quickly connecting the freelance community with clients seeking a specific skill set.
The gig economy can be applied to much more than what most people consider normal freelance work. Senior level corporates are offering their experience to smaller companies for short term contracts allowing the company to absorb their expertise.
Products and services are emerging to support this growing economy of workers. Such as our very own KFA team Hnry. The gig economy is here and we are all apart of it, one way or another… So, what’s your gig?

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