KFA Team

Team Focus: Hnry

As more people veer towards flexibility to allow for better work-life balance and role satisfaction, the workforce is starting to see a rise in contract and freelance employees. Meet Hnry, the team making it easy for  the self-employed to comply with tax obligations, meaning freelancers and contractors can get back to the work they are most passionate about.


So, what is Hnry working on?

Hnry is making self-employment simple and accessible for anyone by taking away the hassle of invoicing, tax and compliance. We help self-employed people pay the exact right amount of tax on every dollar they earn, straight away, so that they never owe anything to the government.

Why is it important?

A lot of people are, or are looking to be, self-employed. The government, accountants, bookkeepers and others expect every self-employed person to already know all their responsibilities before they start. We realised that most self-employed people see all that tax and compliance as being a massive barrier to them becoming successful, so rather than trying to teach people about tax, or expect them to find out for themselves, we’re just taking all that hassle away by doing everything for them.

What are you looking forward to during KFA?

We’re really looking forward to working with some of the amazing people involved in the programme. The calibre of the mentors, advisors and staff within the programme is second-to-none. We’ve already been in business for a while now, and already have a number of happy customers – so as part of the programme we’re looking forward to bringing Hnry to more and more people, helping them to focus on the job at hand rather than worry about their next invoice or tax payment.

What are you aiming for?

Having all been self-employed ourselves, our team know first-hand what it’s like to be landed with an unexpected tax bill, or to wonder whether you’re actually paying the right amounts to the right people. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to ensure that self-employed people everywhere never have to worry about their tax and compliance ever again. We want tax and compliance for the self-employed to be taken care of in the same way that they are for people with permanent jobs – simple, invisible, and right every time.

Never get caught out on your tax again, Hnry is giving self-employed people the confidence to do the work they love without the tax hassle. Stay in the loop with what the team is doing, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to spend more time doing the work you love?

Go for it! Head to hnry.co.nz to reduce the tax-pain for the next financial year.