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Week 3: Sprints and getting digital

Aro Digital

How do you find your first 100 customers? What does an effective digital marketing strategy look like?
Thanks to Tim and Jonty from Aro Digital, our KFA teams now know.
How do you get started, you ask? By breaking down your desired customer acquisition number to bite-sized pieces and attaching a simple marketing principle to each. The first bite is brand awareness and enticing curiosity, with Tim advocating to always keep it super simple and always speak the customer’s language. Once the curiosity begins, engage in as many conversations with potential customers as possible. Engagement is crucial to learn more about your potential customers, identify early pain-points and address them and, most importantly, earn some of those first-100 customers.

Sprinting towards the finish line

The teams, this week, are either working through a problem discovery sprint or a sales sprint.

A problem discovery sprint is comprised of understanding the market from a purely informational standpoint. Once the teams have identified numerous problems, they highlight a common theme and BOOM the problem has been discovered.

As for the sales sprint, teams attempt to sell their solution to potential consumers, without the final product built. This sprint helps any startup understand if they are onto a winner – or need to go back to the drawing board.

Bill Payne

The KFA had the pleasure of hosting Bill Payne, an extraordinary educator, entrepreneur, and investor. Bill has a lifetime of knowledge in the startup industry, starting with Solid State Dielectrics Inc., an electronic materials company he founded and sold.

From there, Bill has gone on to successfully found and invest in over 50 startup companies. He sat down with the teams to share his experiences and discuss sourcing capital, exit strategies and the importance of a coachable and honest team. His priceless wisdom gave the teams insights to what it takes to stand out as a startup and earn investors.

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