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Team Focus: Ilumony

With the rising cost of rent, house prices and living, consumers are looking to get more from their money. Meet Ilumony, the team behind New Zealand’s cryptocurrency investment platform, who are helping simplify and educate on the budding world of cryptocurrencies for smarter financial futures.


So, what is Ilumony working on?

We’re focusing on Invsta, our cryptocurrency investment platform that helps people easily and confidently invest in this new and emerging asset class. We’ve been helping New Zealanders make smarter financial decisions with KiwiSaver and investments for the last year now, and found that we were getting a lot of customers asking us about cryptocurrencies, wanting to know if we could help them invest into those as well. When we started looking into this we realised that it was a complex market with a lot of noise and that it was a time consuming and costly process for the average person to start investing.

With Invsta, we’ve taken our online financial advice or robo-advice platform and applied it to the cryptocurrency market, making it really simple and cost-effective for people to invest. Through our range of diversified crypto portfolios and exclusive high-frequency trading algorithm based portfolios,  we’re helping first-time crypto investors and current crypto dabblers confidently invest into this emerging asset class.

Why is it important?

People around the world want to invest into cryptocurrencies, however, the majority of people don’t know how to go about it, they don’t know what to invest in, and there are many more unknowns such as storage, security and trust. We think it’s really important that if they are going to invest, that they can do so in a safe, simple and secure way, and be guided through that process by a team of trusted experts.

Recently there has been a surge of new cryptocurrencies coming to the market, and the range of different assets that people can invest into now is simply overwhelming. The quality of the various offerings can also differ substantially.

We undertake expert research and apply traditional investment market principles to cryptocurrency assets, to help reduce the risk and give our customers a trusted method to confidently and easily access the potential opportunities of these assets.

What are you looking forward to during KFA?

We are super excited to be a part of KFA and to benefit from the expert team here - especially with everyone being so experienced at rapidly bringing new products to market. We’ve only been going a couple of weeks, and already the support and various connections have been incredible. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve by demo day!

What are you aiming for?

We are working towards a global launch of our crypto investment platform and, by the end of the accelerator, we aim to be helping thousands of users across the world easily and confidently invest into what we see as an emerging asset class.

Making crypto-investing more accessible, Ilumony is decrypting emerging and future currencies to give customers confidence in their investments. To stay up to date with what they’re up to, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Want to unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies?

Don’t blame ya! Head to www.invsta.com to register for their beta group.