KFA Team

Meet the Lab Techs: Mathew Boyles

Meet Mathew, our UX and web dev lab tech, who is supporting the programme team with his customer-centric design focus and technical skills.

Quick Facts:

Favourite Wellington cafe: Sixes & Sevens (never been before KFA, but it’s awesome!)
Most used app: Snapchat
What song sums up the programme to you?The Bravest Beginnings by Client Liaison


Q: What brought you to be a Lab Tech?

I had just graduated studying Web & UX Design at Yoobee School of Design when the careers advisor, Tulia Moss, introduced me to the role. It sounded like an awesome opportunity so I applied, talked to James – the Programme Manager, and now here I am.

Q: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

It means getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new, something nobody else has done before – all in the pursuit of creating something amazing. Bravery is important.

Q: What are you looking forward to or do you hope to get out of KFA?

I look forward to helping the teams achieve their goals and to add value to their MVPs. There are so many amazing opportunities arising throughout this programme that it’s hard to pick just one thing I look forward to!

Q: Share something that inspires you… And tell us why.

A YouTube channel actually. Yes Theory: their manta is “Seek Discomfort” and they encourage people to do things they would otherwise avoid. Embrace the anxiety and do it anyway, because you achieve the best things when you take that extra step!


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