KFA Team

Meet the Lab Techs: Kadri Uljas

Lab techs and interns help keep the gears greased and the wheels turning in the day-to-day running of our programmes. Working directly both with the ‘org team’ and the startups, our Lab Techs have been chosen to complement each other’s skill sets and work together for the best results.

For KFA2.0, we have four Lab Techs who we’ll introduce in the following posts.

Meet Kadri, our Business Development Lab Tech. An Estonian serial-entrepreneur, whose experience in startups, market research and sprint methodologies will help drive our ventures to their full potential.

Quick Facts:

Favourite Wellington cafe: Brooklyn Deli
Most used app: Natural Cycles and Headspace
What song sums up the programme to you? Jump Around by House of Pain


Q: What brought you to be a Lab Tech?

I really missed working around, and with, inspiring startups who I could learn from. As I’m not a Kiwi, the role is the perfect cross between an intro to the community and being able to hustle alongside with the teams.

Q: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Basically it’s an itch that can be only scratched by doing something awesome on your own; it creates a momentum and energy to move stuff around with a tremendous force – and it pulls people around you in to support that cause.

Q: What are you looking forward to or do you hope to get out of KFA?

To build meaningful and strong connections in the NZ startup scene and with like-minded people and I hope to contribute, somehow, to their path to success.

Q: Share something (a book, talk, podcast, podcast…) that inspires you… And tell us why.

I love Tim Ferriss’ podcast; he is such a great interviewer and the people and topics he covers have had a massive impact on me. Or Ryan Holiday’s book Ego is the Enemy – it’s a great and easy way to explain and remind stoic principles.

Read more about the people working behind-the-scenes on KFA 2.0; we have a great leadership duo in Laura and James, keeping us on task and helping our ventures reach their goals. Keep meeting more of the KFA programme team and the participating ventures and sign up here.