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Sponsor Spotlight: Creative HQ

To make the programme a reality, the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator has drawn support from the FinTech industry, companies with cross-sector interests and experts in innovation who wish to see a positive change for the future of the ecosystem.

We spoke to Kelly Dare, Head of Marketing at Creative HQ – New Zealand’s innovation experts – to find out more about their role as Delivery Partner for the programme, and why Creative HQ supports KFA and the growth of FinTech in New Zealand.


Q: What made Creative HQ want to be involved in the programme?

Creative HQ is highly committed to seeing startups succeed and we have a long history of supporting the startup ecosystem in New Zealand. Since starting Lightning Lab four years ago, we’ve really figured out how to make an accelerator successful, and how to get the best out of teams.

Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator has been an excellent way for us to get involved with a bank that is doing great things as well helping some of New Zealand’s top FinTech startups grow in leaps and bounds.

Q: What is the most exciting technology emerging in the FinTech sector?

There are so many! Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are probably the ones that you hear about the most but the thing that strikes you about all of the KFA teams is that their main desire is to make people’s financial lives easier – and so they’re using whatever technology helps them achieve that goal.

Q: Why is NZ the ideal place to build the FinTech sector from?

Like a lot of other sectors, the NZ FinTech scene is a great place to test your technology and build solid relationships with a lot of early adopters because generally collaboration is the focus for most business here. Once growth is an option, FinTechs can be run from New Zealand and this is an ideal place to live.

Q: What do you think consumers are looking for in new FinTech offerings?

Similar to what consumers are looking for in all sectors, improvement in life, relief of whatever pains they feel in their professional or personal finance life. All of the teams in the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator are here to solve financial problems for as many people as they can.

Read more about the team working behind the scenes at KFA 2.0; we previously met with Laura, the Programme Director, and James, the Programme Manager, from the programme. Stay tuned for more updates from the programme or get them straight to your inbox by signing up here.