KFA Team

Bootcamp: Making us Lean and keen to get started

The Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0 is officially underway, here are our top three lessons from Bootcamp week!

Induction Day

Ventures were welcomed to their new home for the next three months at Creative HQ. They met the other amazing teams, found out a bit about what lies in store, and also had the chance to meet the extensive support network that the programme provides. To end the day, teams got the chance to practice their one-minute elevator pitches, giving everyone the very first glimpse of their visions.


KFA has a number of speakers who will come in to offer inspiration, motivation and insights for the teams. We narrowed our highlights to a few:

  • Serge Van Dam, our local investment expert, shared wisdom and answered questions on Investor Criteria and Market Validation.
  • Nick Churchouse, Head of People at Creative HQ, spoke of the importance of Lean Methodology and how best to exchange value with your customers.
  • Finally, we had Glenn Andert introduce the teams to a powerful tool: Airtable. Airtable is a tool used to organise work and tasks in a customisable way. It will be at the heart of the teams’ journey through the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator programme.
Meeting the first Coach

Julie Treanor specialises in designing human-centred leadership that sparks enterprising, creative and entrepreneurial minds.
Putting the ventures to work to help them understand the human dynamics of working at pace, Julie also highlighted safe methods for teams to push their creative talents to the limit in order to develop individually and professionally as they build their businesses. Stressing the ability for team-members to fuse as one entrepreneurial body, Julie discussed what it takes to sharpen their strengths through powerful co-leadership, work ethic, and team practice.
Julie is the first of our team of executive coaches to come through the KFA doors to help teams realise their visions.

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