Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator

How Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator teams are building resilience

We are halfway through the FinTech Accelerator, leaving our teams with 57 days until Demo Day on May 19.

We had a chat with the teams to get a feel for the things they do on a day to day basis to promote resilience and alleviate stress - two important things to think about.

What are you doing to promote resilience and alleviate stress?

Wicket (Kiwibank)

Stress has definitely been a factor in our team. Juggling expectations of the programme, expectations of the business, and expectations of ourselves has often caused internal conflict and made it very difficult to find the clear path through the dark forest of life insurance. To alleviate this, we have regular ‘time outs’ to break for coffee, regular ‘check ins’ to see how everyone is feeling, and we’re flexible with our working – we’ve all had to carry on some critical tasks for our usual jobs so spending time on working through these instead of the KFA work is accepted and supported by the team. We also try to maintain a positive work-life balance. Whether it be studying, socialising or raising young kids, we’ve all got things going on in our personal lives we need to maintain, and we make sure the programme doesn’t consume us so much as to prevent us from fulfilling these.


As a team we have made a choice to attack and confront any challenges that arise, front on and eat those frogs quickly so that it gives us the energy to push on to the next challenge. It’s much less stressful than sitting on something you know needs to be done and doing nothing about it. We have also been conscience to develop a culture from an early stage of hard work, positivity, respect of each other and great communication which we believe is key to having a well functioning team that can execute efficiently and stay resilient and committed to the task at hand.


This is something that is a constant ‘work on’. During the bootcamp phase of the accelerator one of the speakers spoke about ‘self care’ and the need to look after ourselves. We’re making sure that we take a walk outside at least once during the day. However we could definitely be more active, and also practise daily mindfulness.

AccountingPod Limited

The main keys to resilience and stress for us so far: communicate/communicate/communicate honestly, regular checking in with each other, curry every night, prioritise and re-prioritise, seek wisdom from those around us who’ve done it before and those that haven’t, filter responses for key learnings and finally get up and take regular breaks where possible and when most needed! Have got to know ‘the block’!


Lots of running 🏃 and try to practice mindfulness.


Part of the programme has been working with executive coaches. They’ve helped really identify where the stress points are and how to tackle it within our teams. We’ve learnt a number of really useful techniques that have we’ve taken on board and have allowed us to grow resilience and lower stress.


We laugh - a lot. Our team has so much fun together and laughter keeps us connected and eliminates any stress niggles. The startup roller coaster is real, but the ride is way more fun that we ever expected. Exercise has been a key for resilience too- enables us to clear our heads and keep perspective.

Resilience and stress management are really important things to consider, especially in the early stages of startup life. Download Creative HQ’s quick guide to resilience.

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